What can I do with my time here? I can write. I can show up and speak truths in creative ways, so you don't fall asleep listening to important, but often clinical and dry research.

If you know a better way, use your unique talents and go for it! Shine a clear light, rather than crapping on someone else's efforts. The only time we should call someone out is when they abuse power, causing additional suffering for personal pleasure and gain. (The latter ought to keep you busy.)

To be effective in inspiring change, advocates must walk their talk. For the sake of convenience, I often use myself as subject and therefore must remain clear and present.

This is why I am no longer drinking.

So the next time some misinformed creep (yes, I'm totally judging them back) projects their familial dysfunction and denial of their own issues onto me I can just say, "I don't drink. This is what young-onset Parkinson's looks like."

I used to like how alcohol stopped the tremor in my left side, but I'd rather shake a bit, than escape into an illusion of temporary normalcy or unconsciousness. I was a social drinker, but find it serves no one and nothing, least of all my highest intention.

I've made my sobriety public for the sake of transparency, so that I may report alternative options I'll explore using self as subject. Maybe someone will find my "research" useful.

Carry on, soldiers of light. Advocacy and activism is a collective experience much bigger than any one of us. Education, information and compassion can change the world!

Please remember to breathe and...

"Stay golden, Pony Boy."