Body, my body, why have you forsaken me? 

Why betray me so? 

As mind explodes with passions I am no longer capable of improvising 

These hands are not my hands

This vehicle, carrying divine pleasures and unspeakable agony

Chiron the wounded healer

A temporary space hosting infinite soul

Slowly becoming a cage 

I would not trade this 

The people you have introduced are now family

We cannot choose our family of origin

Nor the familiar bonds of terrible circumstance

I spread my shaking arms wide and let it all move


May I be of service

For the greater good of all concerned

Please keep this conduit clear and true and without attachment

Thank you grief

Thank you despair

In you I find gratitude and deepening compassion

Some of the most beautiful beings I've known join the fire

A widening circle of mirrored light

Bow and pray

Dance and sing

Howl as wolves

I remember how to howl

In echoes of diaphanous moonlight 

Body, my body.