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Bringing Raw Ideas to Life

Though it was not good news to learn of Reverend Jackson’s diagnosis, knowing yet another has joined our ranks and will suffer as we do, I was honored yesterday to speak on behalf of our community.

Communicating our experience is key to expanding awareness and compassion, if we can be honest in our responses. Telling the plain truth even though some of what we experience absolutely guts us, is not always easy. We need our dignity, our privacy, and some sense of normalcy intact just to survive.

Parkinson’s and all related conditions = anything but normal!

Given the opportunity to reach thousands or millions, what would your answer have been to this important question?

“What would you like people to know about Parkinson’s?”

A big shout out to Anders M. Leines who is a powerful force of progress in our worldwide community. He brings our raw ideas to life and his work continues to astound and delight! Some of his work can be found here: