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Am I In Your Way?

Am I In Your Way?

Since your diagnosis, what do people do or say that bugs you?

“Could you please hurry up or could you just get out-of-the-way?”

Like someone who begins knocking on the bathroom door or pulling at the handle the second you get in there, and you know that it’s going to take you a little bit longer so you rush, which makes you start shaking badly! It’s a small miracle you did not pee your pants.


PwP can be unpredictably off-balance, and sometimes we are just off in general. Our friends and family MUST understand this is beyond our control. At times my meds aren’t working, or it’s particularly stressful, so the motor and non-motor symptoms get spiked.

It’s easy to be distracted or overstimulated, and understandably, anxiety is part of this gig. Appearing kinda out of it is a common symptom AND side effect in most neurologic diseases. Start with insomnia and work out from there. It’s a small miracle when a PwP can function well. I certainly like to make the most of “on times”!

Question: Why do we have to deal with the double insult of ignorance about our condition AND projection after we are BRAVE enough to put ourselves out there?

Answer: We don’t.

Pro Tip: Walk your crooked shaky self right away from ignorance and shaming and projection. Enjoy the time you have earned to enjoy yourself free from prejudice. They don’t know any better, but it’s not necessarily your job to educate Joe Ignorance just because of your diagnosis. Don’t bother, just go find your own way to shake it off.

You are up and moving and your shoes are tied, so you feel pretty OK...

Go now and be that small miracle!