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Just Dance.

Just Dance.

Just dance.

Anything that gets you moving to a beat is beneficial to your neurology. You can even be in a chair and wiggle around seated if your balance and coordination aren’t cooperating.

Fitness can be incorporated into almost any situation and need not be compartmentalized as something we do apart from the rest of our life, as another chore on our list of things to do.

All you gotta do is groove to the beat. It’s the work out with the most potential for fun, unleashing sacred or silly energy. An expressive mood lifter and toner, dance allows us to connect with our bodies in a playful way.

Get some dopamine by getting your groove on! If you’re feeling locked up and stiff it can help with that as well.

Shoutout to Club 1220 💛 Whether the dance floor is empty or double parked, the people who work and play there make it glow and sparkle. Thank you for the good times!

A 90’s dance playlist link as one option for your boogie time:…/121907452/playlist/6qb0EanO1HFnd…

Dancing with the DJ to house music in gold pants is never a bad call.