Oh hi there! Yes, I've been hearing everything you've been saying to anyone nodding in agreement. Your summary of my behavior has been logged in the department of STFU, so take a number and have a seat, because this is one LONG line!

Maybe you’ve me mistaken for someone else. I'm working on, not perfecting the art of forgiveness and, just like my health, tolerance wavers. Anyway, you seem to be lacking information and basic understanding about how not everyone is having the exact same experience. I’m hoping that if I dare repeat this last line enough times, it’ll get through to such “concerned parties” .

Since you've positioned yourself as an expert about how others should live with progressive incurable brain disease, and in case you missed it the first time, allow me flesh things out a bit more. Yes, this is directed at a handful of hypocritical folks from days past who’ve earned the title of Judas. Starts with a J… yeah, so…

Unless you're currently walking backwards in cold snow while tightly wrapped in a thick wet wool blanket that includes invisible butter knives aimed at your neck expressing disappointment or how you are handling the 25-30 pounds of water sloshing around in your backpack, walking backwards with shoes tied together while dodging large angry pandas tackling you (even though you have a full bladder, dry mouth and no voice), WHILE your dominant hand is tied behind your back after not sleeping for almost two weeks...

...refrain from vocalizing judgements, assumptions, expectations, asserting a need to be in control, offering unsolicited advice, and engaging in the habit of pathologizing anyone you presume to know as they try their best to survive a progressive and degenerative disease.


Yeah, you once had a neighbor with Parkinson’s, you mentioned that, and your vast spiritual workshopping while presenting your credentials. You missed a few medical facts, but don’t take my word for it. Educate yourself.

We each carry whatever pain we must carry in our time here, in addition to the range of "normal" responsibilities and challenges, and we do so mostly alone. No one else can hoist and handle our burdens, nor would we want that. Some make an overwhelming condition better by simply allowing the diagnosed some space and TIME to move from one place to the next...
then we must tolerate the egoic and willfully ignorant folks who demand everyone else meet their particular and relatively healthy/normal expectations.

Be graceful and always smile as you listen to how Inconvenienced they were by your failure to comply.

Going forward, we have no choice but believe we're each striving to do our best with whatever resources we have available in this moment. Observing and judging someone you don't know in one public scenario does not make you an expert of anything nor an honorary movement specialist or neurologist, and your pity is also misguided.

This has been brought to you by a backwards Irish salute and the sound of my indifference about what you think. Thanks for a fun time, and don't forget to tip your bartenders!

Snarky Friday starts now. Got any gripes about how you've been treated during off times? This is your chance to let em know that at the department of STFU, we take unsolicited feedback very seriously.