Dear LYFT Corporate,

Your driver "Larry" was hired to get my daughter from home to school via her Lyft account at 7 AM this morning (see attachment 1 for Larry's info). I fancy the name Larry, but this guy made it really hard to like him.

This may not be of interest to you, but it's information you'll need to understand why I am not only asking for a refund, but considering closing my Lyft account (see attachment 2 for the details of my account with high ratings. I work in a service industry and offer only respect.)

Perhaps "Larry" had a rough morning, but picking my daughter up, then abruptly turning his truck around, announcing he "doesn't get paid to sit in traffic" and wasn't about to "get stuck in this traffic pattern" should not be an option for any driver who already accepted the fare and was already IN RTE.

By the time he turned around and brought her back to the pick up location, she was already panicking about the time. It was only as an afterthought "Larry" added that he wasn't going to drive her to school because she's "under 18 and you don't matter".

When my daughter pleaded with "Larry" to reconsider because her finals are this morning, she mentioned that her mother was not capable of driving and that she had no other options.

Your driver's response: "That's not my problem. You have to pay me before you get out."

I crawled down the stairs in time to see him skidding away from our front walkway. You might also remind "Larry" he should slow his truck down in a residential area. I was relieved that she wasn't in his car at this point, because that didn't even look safe.

Of course it's not your driver's "problem" that she needed to be at school early for finals, and I now regret counting on LYFT.

My family and friends use LYFT all the time, in part because I've been a vocal supporter of your business. I understand that you are considering handicapped transport. Since Parkinson's is a motor disorder, many of my readers are in need of your service. I'm happy to support this too, but not until you contact me about what was going on with your driver.

The reason I could not drive my daughter to finals is because I have Parkinson's and the medications that allow me to move with fluidity do not always work. That's something that I live with that fluctuates hour by hour, and I would appreciate it if your drivers did not punish my daughter for what is beyond her control. Being late to a final might also affect her grade.

If you don't transport minors you might want to inform hundreds of your drivers of this fact, because you took our payments. This morning, that was not the issue.

We relied upon LYFT, and as you'll see in our accounts, we've been considerate and generous customers. I'd like to speak with customer service in hopes of hearing some assurance this will never happen again.

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.

Heather Kennedy

Parkinson's Advocate 
Kathleen Kiddo

cc: MJFF, Davis Phinney Foundation, WPC, Federal Disability Discrimination, APDA, CCDRL, et al.

Here is a picture of us from yesterday. Of course I would drive my young adult to school every morning if I could.