A Conversation With Parkinson's: Not flinching.

Me: Yes (to fun plans).

Parkinson's: Nope. Not today. Sucker.

Me: I'll overcompensate. Have faith. Please don't make today suck.

Parkinson's: It's so cute the way you shake your impotent fist at the sky. You think you're in control but you're just an ant under the shadow of my boot.

Me: I feel good right now. I'm going to RSVP yes and yes and yes!

Parkinson's: Is that wise? I was just taking a quick break to watch the game. Your next few days will be rough.

Me: Friends will understand if I can't make it.

Parkinson's: No one cares what your excuse is. You're screwed.

Me: Why me?

Parkinson's: Why not you?

Me: I'm stronger than you know, Goliath. I work out like an animal.

Parkinson's: So was Muhhamad Ali. 
By the way, if your identity is based on your physicality, prepare to get humbled (and humiliated).

Me: I'm one step ahead of you, for the kids. I have so much love.

Parkinson's: They'll feel my presence and you'll end up alone.

Me: I'll shield them. I can hide you.

Parkinson's: Most damage leaves no visible scar. I'm too complicated for them to understand. No one will be strong enough to handle this with you.

Me: I still believe in love, in it's myriad of forms.

Parkinson's: Fool. You'll die alone.

Me: The lionhearted will prove you wrong. I've been too close to death too many times to be afraid of you. I don't love because I fear loneliness, fool.

LOVE is all there is. It doesn't leave, it just changes form. 🙏🏼