Accidental Temporary Caregiving

If you were temporarily incapacitated, and had no family or partner nearby, who might you count on to bathe and feed you?

Home healthcare can be unaffordable and difficult to navigate after unexpectedly challenging or disabling experiences. It’s a process requiring a health care advocate to facilitate/oversee hiring, manage fluctuating schedules, navigate insurance and set up all contracts and payment.

Friendship is voluntary.

While cultivating a relationship, it’s not like we sign up to nurse that friend back to health. We have endless lists of things to do, constantly nipping at our heels. Survival mode has become the new black. Almost everyone I meet appears stretched, anxiously overwhelmed and already at full capacity.

No one wants to burden or inconvenience their friends, but what if you don’t have other options?

Unforeseen circumstances and accidents and injuries happen. If you have any pre-existing condition affecting your healing process, like a brain disease, common surgeries or injuries can make life nearly impossible.

Asking for help, and feeling so exposed is uncomfortable at best. To feel helpless and be so vulnerable is not easy, whether you’re 20, 90, or somewhere in between. What’s your plan?

Only human.