Upon arrival, I sat alone on the sand crying for hours, just marveling. Sipped a glass of vino tiente and listened to the frothy waves harmonizing with the mating calls of irredescent birds. I tried a cartwheel and bought a silly hat as the light receeded.

I’m absolutely drained- of energy and weight. Losing weight is apparently a thing with Parkinson’s, and along with the jagged sleep patterns, these absorption issues are impacting my health. I see the drawn faces in our community, and wonder how to keep muscle and healthy fat on. I’ve tried nearly everything in terms of nutrient dense meals and eat A LOT. Phlebotomists love my veins cz they are poppin!

Not many in the Parkinson’s community have both Celiac Disease (autoimmune) and Parkinson’s (a wide range), but feeling depleted all the time sure sounds familiar. Desperately need a way to enhance absorption. Our community has so many scientists and nutritional experts and I am in need of ideas and Recommendations.

My workouts are fueled by music alone lately. So. Tired. From. These. Symptoms. I’ve had women say wow you’re so skinny you’re so lucky I’d love your body! Be careful what you wish for.

I understand our Tom (Isaacs 💛)had Celiac and PD. Anyone else struggling with this? Am I destined for a Duopa pump?