I am developing a Parkie suit. It will be used to show non-Parkinson’s folks what it feels like. Anyone can try it for free!

It will be made of soggy wool and lead and have pins sticking out all the way from the sacrum to the neck. At every joint there will be an uncomfy clamp adding pressure and permanent aches. It will vibrate intermittently, causing unpredictable jumps and tremors- this will also happen every 1/2 hour while resting or sleeping.

The Parkie suit will make the wearer nauseous and hyper, in turns. Also, it will slowly impair all executive functioning and depress functional mood and memory, while dismantling coping mechanisms. A brace will be placed to press on the jaw to add tension. Every so often it will cause you to lose balance, pee yourself or feel crippling anxiety.

You may take medications while wearing it. We’ll introduce those side effects later...this is just phase one.

Who wants to go first?