There is a place for each of us at the table. Your victories I will celebrate.

I do not need to compete with anyone. I enjoy collaboration tremendously, and there is more than enough space for each of us to express ourselves in these forums.

I celebrate your unique views as I welcome you into the fold, as I have been welcomed. If you want to use something I’ve written to further our cause, I am honored. There is an infinite stream of material.

It will take more than a village of loud and boisterous characters to promote our causes of education and resources.

The ultimate goal in advocacy is not to draw attention to my name or reputation. For this reason, I often use pen names. I believe writing and sharing information in creative ways can shift our consciousness and expand landscapes, from within.

My writing often comes from tremendous pain, loneliness, or despair. I am grieving simultaneous losses I don’t know how to manage. This human condition we share, is simultaneously treacherous and breathtakingly beautiful.

A shout out to my fellow Parkinson’s Advocates, and all who work for the greater good and for progress!

Love in action.

“This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine...”

PS. Replace “another woman” with “anyone’s”