I’ve been slowly taking questions from readers to pose for all, before answering. Not as a giver of advice, but as a forum for discussion.

This happens to be a question from one of the support groups. TRIGGER WARNING!


Has anyone ever broken a relationship with you (romantic or otherwise) because of the symptoms and side effects of Parkinson’s?

Further questions:

If so, were they honest about it?

OR! Another choice: Were they even aware of their (understandable) ignorance about what Parkinson’s entails?

Did they speak poorly of or slander you for things beyond your control?

Do you still communicate with that person?
If yes, have they either apologized, or at least acknowledged, how little they understood what you deal with?

If they refuse to accept the reality of the PD symptoms they found intolerable (again, understandable), have you healed or forgiven them anyway?

Lastly, in your intimate relationships, have you ever felt marginalized or abused due to their misperceptions of your disability?

Answer any or all that you wish. Please do not use names- this is not about shaming or blaming, it’s for education and awareness.

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