“People only understand from their limited experience.”

It’s easy to recognize the lesson in futility I practice here- my outrageous attempts to inform, educate, and spread awareness about a disease that no one has any reason to give a rip about ...unless it affects them personally.

Once I had a highly educated “friend” I trusted ruthlessly mock my Parkinson symptoms and the side effects of Parkinson’s meds. I’ve been consistently and publicly candid, with a brutal honesty about my struggles. Of note: this only happened between us once, but I vowed to publish accessible information, so this particular kind of ignorance is not so common.

It’s human nature to become very interested in alleviating any suffering we feel so acutely. Oh, I feel it and...how we pay! Perhaps we were all on the wrong side of the Spanish Inquisition...?

I’m just a girl from a smallish town in New York. I fell in love with some of the wrong people and some of the right people. I learned. I got sick. I lost everything, but found strength I never knew before. It does not belong to me, this strength. Sourced from the divinity within, and without, I remain a humble servant.

I don’t advocate for myself, or those I happen to know well. I see you, I hear you, and I stand by you in this shaky and uncertain journey- not because we agree upon everything or because you do anything for me. I will not ask you for anything, because reciprocity is not what I seek.

I advocate because it’s necessary for progress, and in case it is helpful.

If my writing resonates, drop me a personal note about a topic you might like to hear more about and I’ll do the research. 💛👊🏻🍀

Cheers and props to Monty Python!