What’s on my mind?

The thoughtful, raw, compassionate, supportive, candid and helpful comments posted under yesterday’s debacle. Your show of humanity made the edges less sharp and infused my wonky chemistry with warmth, humor and familiarity. We feel each other’s pain acutely and do not flinch.

Y’all know you rock, right? Thank you!

Other thoughts: 
How art for breakfast goes well with coffee. While buzzing towards SFO to gather some precious cargo I get to listen to Ira Glass tell fascinating stories. Sisters are marching in the East and in the West on this day. Dreamers are dreaming of crumbling walls and I have a sledgehammer to spare...maybe two or three.

Citizens of Earth, all yawning or making love or zoning out in the morning meetings. Interconnected as we buckle under the weight of our intimacy with such unspeakable burdens. Nature is not as forgiving and will spit us out if we keep treating her like a whore.

An owl is hooting just outside this foreign house as the air shudders on to steal the chill away. Somewhere there is a cry no one hears or one missed train that changes a life. Weary eyes glisten with tears when that song comes on because she misses him so much, not realizing he only changed form.

A hopeful dog named after a survivor of astounding proportions rests his paw gently on my chest. Gazing into my eyes, “A walk and a treat would be very fine indeed!” I feel guilty he’ll be getting his shots this morning, so I slide my crumpled sweats back on after a mere 3 1/2 hours of shut eye and watch Augie shake his stubby tail.

It’s a good day to be in the here and now. There is overwhelming grief, yes. When it is much, in the darkness I question the relevance of my own heartbeat. The answer is always the same- in the relentless chaos and confusion every speck hosts too much love to resist. I can trace the constellations using only the freckles on your skin.

That song was in his list: