While I inhabit this body, this small space in our shared Universe, my intention is to use this voice for greater good.

I follow in the colossal footsteps of light workers and guides, without knowing where they lead. Maybe off a cliff, maybe into the deep dark woods or the abyss. I do not need to have the answers, the idea is to keep the channel clear.

It will be worth it.

I have a faith that escapes language... it renders seductions of ego or concern for scrutiny and opinion useless. With deep humility, I thank you for reminding me to swim with and not against the fateful tides.

True Friends, 
YOU have saved my life. I vow to use what is left of my time here in service.

I used to identify as some tragic figure. I was the lone wolf, haunted Batman, a misunderstood beast hunted by misconceptions. I'd howl into perceived darkness thinking this was the only path, because I failed to embrace vulnerability and truth.

It takes courage to howl your most authentic howl. What if there is no echo, no recognition of existence?

You heard my voice and howled back from all directions! The most intense and sound I've ever heard reverberating around this seemingly vacant self-imposed canyon. As life-affirming as an infant's first cry, or mother's milk... I am reborn.

It is the sound of coming home. I'll meet you there.