What is your contribution?

If you think politics and Parkinson’s don’t mix, you’re forgetting that policy dictates quality of life for millions living with health conditions.

Some fancy themselves “above” politics and remain neutral for popularity sake, or to avoid conflict.

“Social media is not the place!”

Recusing yourself entirely from a storm you feel insulated from does not neutralize nor calm it’s effects. By default, you’re already involved.

And since you are certain social media is for pleasant memes and kittens only (kittens are cool) then where is the place? Let’s roll!

All our opinions will mean little if millions can no longer afford medications and critical research falls into hands more interested in profit than treatments or a cure.

The agents of change realize collaboration is more important than competition. It’s self-defeating to attack fellow advocates just because you happen to favor a different political party for more personal reasons. Again, we have bigger work to do together.

We just want progress, we could care less about your pride in and affiliation with any political figure or party! The real question is which politicians will help us. We have no time to worry over stepping on toes.

What I’m suggesting may sound radical, but if you have PD, at some point you’ll enter the realm of advocacy and policy, if only for yourself. Collectively, we can make an impact, but divided we fall (no pun, Dear wobbly Parkies!)

It isn’t “taking a political stance” or “being too political” or “inappropriate” to question why stem cell labs and various research entities are being compromised because of archaic, ignorant philosophies and changes in our government.

This is most certainly your business, and mine.

So go ahead and call yourself Democrat or Republican or Libertarian or Green...whatever! We need a cure! Where are our advocates in DC and why is money not allocated as promised when we do win some small victory?

We all lost the common luxury of indifference and painfully appropriate neutrality when diagnosed.

If progress isn’t in your vernacular, then get out of the way and stop wasting everyone’s time judging or accusing those who promote it of some nefarious party takeover! PwP are trying to stay alive, and that requires solid healthcare, research and resources that are now being compromised.

Shout out to the advocates and renegades!