It is Black History Month. Please share any links or stories relevant to the necessity of equality or the blindness of white privilege here in the US below. The 15th amendment may have been ratified in 1870 but didn’t come full circle for almost a century. And still...we’re dealing with such lack.

Moving forward is our option, if we’d like to survive and thrive in peace. Having conversations, breaking bread and sharing experiences together, or just _listening_ to someone’s story are all options promoting understanding and connection.

How are we alike?

Racism is more than a crude ignorance- it is a disconnect. I have seen it’s attempts to take root in personal ways, and challenge anyone to look into their views and philosophies with a critical and clear lens.

If you don’t think white privilege is a thing and you get too uncomfortable (“Sorry, am I buggin’ you? Didn’t mean to bug ya...”), or you feel like arguing with a messenger, then you are free to exit this account. I have been referred to as nice (oh hellz no!) or kind (mostly), but if you treat my brother differently, I no longer trust you.

If witnessing rage leaking out is makes you nervous, consider putting yourself in the place of someone who doesn’t share the same life experiences as you.

A few decades ago, my uptight cousin had a wedding. She had the whitest pearls woven into her blonde hair and everything was white. Everything was so white in fact that when my black brother showed up they asked him to sit at a different table, away from the rest of the family. My Father had steam rising from his head. I thought he might explode!

I have not spoken to that side of the family since and my parents rarely accept communication. Not because we failed promote peace, but they went too far too often and my parents had enough. I remember my Mom saying, “How about we all just leave?”

It’s not a nice day for a White Wedding, cuz. **

I love blackness AND whiteness, and every color inbetween because I choose to connect via heart and spirit. The surface of things doesn’t hold my interest. I’m not here to work the illusion anything posted on social media will change views on which skin tone some fool might deem superior, but silence is complicity.

* From U2’s live recording of Bullet the Blue Sky, Joshua Tree. Activism and music can work some magic together.

** apologies to Billy Idol.