Facts about the iceberg effect of depression and a notice for all (not just Parkies):

If you are living with a chronic condition or a disease, please remain hyper-vigilant about depression. Don’t try to be brave or too proud, because no one can handle all this in isolation.

Depression kills people (and relationships). It masquerades as other things, and left unchecked it can gather dangerous momentum.

There is no shame in admitting you need help to re-balance chemistry that you cannot control. You know when things don’t feel right...and there are options for help, but no one can read your mind. If you feel depressed and overwhelmed, please get local support ASAP. Talk to your doctor and inform them of your struggle.

Depression is a liar. It wants to get you alone and drag you under. There is help available in your community.

Not everyone can identify it or understand how this experience affects everything. It is imperative all who endure progressive incurable conditions and chronic pain link up with experienced medical professionals and stay connected over time with trusted friends and family.

Most of all, learn to identify the signs and symptoms before it gets life-threatening.

#neveralone #depression #connection