In 2009 I noticed symptoms of a neurologic disorder, including but not limited to - neck pain, stiffness, tremors, loss of coordination, insomnia, dizziness, depression, lack of concentration, exhaustion, weight loss, nerve pain, and a sudden lack of smell- along with an inability to regulate body temperature and cogwheeling in my left wrist.

A few years later I visited a local Neurologist who failed to offer any information or help, then dismissed me as a drug addict.

When I pressed him for details about why he offered no support or potential solutions, but posted lies in my permanent medical records, he informed me he thought I was too thin, shaky (duh), always late (his admin gave the wrong time), looked haggard (fair enough, after not sleeping for a few weeks), and that my demeanor was unusual (possibly because I had good reason to mistrust him.)

I offered him two chances to remove his unprofessional and untrue assessment. He refused, instead sending a condescending four page letter about how I could not possibly understand how medical records or specialists work.

I was not the only dissatisfied patient in his wake. One woman was contemplating a lawsuit.

He no longer practices Neurology in CA.

This clip reminded me of him: