On the topic of hopelessness, depression and potential suicide:

Is anyone here qualified to speak to people who have suggested they do not want to be alive anymore? Usually isolated PwP who are suffering unspeakable losses and don’t know where to find support.

Perhaps because I write about depression and anxiety without flinching, I come off as some kind of authority. I am not. My writing covers these topics because they are ever-present. Though I’d never betray confidences or expose anyone, the bigger picture needs to be addressed. Now.

Aside from the national suicide hotlines, or ER, how might we build a community support system of skilled and experienced professionals willing to be on call for such extenuating circumstances?

There are many among us who are hurting beyond measure, but I am grossly unqualified and disturbed by such info, especially if the one on the ledge is not local.

Strangers have contacted me from their ledge. I’ve spent sleepless nights listening, simply trying to stay present so they are not alone, but I’m not capable.

Might we (The larger Parkinson’s community) be resourceful enough to start a collective for the purpose of facilitating local or online referrals in such dire circumstances?

Going forward in a productive manner, do you have any Ideas or solutions to alleviate this hidden problem within our communities? No one should suffer alone.