The more we learn about our neurology, the better off we will be as a species.

Those among us with behaviors that do not make sense may have a legitimate issue with brain chemistry and structure, or a specific and diagnosable condition that is causing us to act out.

Know your own neurology. Check your own head.

Patients need answers, not onlookers telling us to change. Change how? For the last time, it’s not stubborn will or an attitude problem, but illness causing behavioral changes, it might be a serious health issue! We ignore these truths and hop on meandering paths to find the healing we need right now.

It is completely wrong and only further ostracizes a person who is in fact sick when we shun, shame and label them with our stupid armchair diagnosis! Gossiping about them, picking them apart, yet offering no help or compassion...for what purpose? They need an accurate and professional diagnosis, and a plan developed by a team of professionals, not our judgements.

Mind that gap.

Generally healthy people (within any context) are usually not trying to hurt others by acting out in potentially damaging ways. It usually isn’t just as simple as a weakness of character or “a bad kid.”

“Change your attitude.”

Sometimes we can do this, sure. Yet this refers to medical problems even seasoned professionals do not usually understand without a range of diagnostic tools. This takes time, energy and money. Oh, and solid healthcare.

We judge what we don’t understand too often without adequate information. One or two opinions are not “information”, and unless they are professional they only speak to the experience of the one offering the opinion, not the patient.

Opinions are abundant but get us no closer to truth.

A therapist offers suggestions based upon the modality they are working in- ask if this is a good fit for you right now instead of using the same old therapy template on every health situation. Sometimes talk therapy is an expensive waste of time, yet in other situations it can be hugely helpful. I have gained insight from therapy.

A brain scan is a map of the brain that would at least show what areas are affected by various conditions and imbalances. There is no confusion then- in the imagery we trust specialists know what to look for.

Find the right doctors for your situation.

May we all continue to educate ourselves and find medical professionals who get the bigger picture. Specialists who do more thorough investigations instead of the same common offer of medication alone. A pill only works if we are doing the other therapies required.

“It’s all in your head.”

You got that part right!

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